Jacqueline Latour is a classical Pilates instructor, wife, dog lover and active supporter of those seeking healthy changes in their lives. Jacqueline trains clients in San Francisco, California and is known for her happy, smiling face and spreading the joy of Pilates to all she meets. She’s passionate about helping her clients build a solid Pilates foundation, transform their bodies and find their sweet spot in their workouts by customizing a good individual program.

Jacqueline believes transformations must come from within, but as someone who spent many years in the corporate world hunched over a computer and sitting in an airplane, she knows that sometimes a little kick in the pants from an outside source will give you that spark you need to make a life-long change. With a weak upper back and stiff shoulders, she looked to Pilates to help her address those issues. Since diving deeper into Pilates her posture, weight, and strength have all transformed in a positive and significant way. Those changes to her own body, are definitely things that inspired her to become a Pilates instructor and to pass on the knowledge of what it takes to make a positive transformation. 

Before discovering the classical Pilates method, Jacqueline tried many different forms of Pilates, but was drawn to the consistency, athleticism and simplicity of the classical method. Jacqueline spent a year in a rigorous classical Pilates apprentice program, studying the authentic method with leading teacher trainer and master Pilates practitioner, Dorothee Vandewalle from Metropolitan Pilates, Seattle. Dorothee was an apprentice of Romana Kryzanowska, as well as a ten-year veteran teacher trainer at Romana's Pilates.  Jacqueline was also mentored locally in San Francisco by teacher trainer and founder of The Pilates Center of San Francisco,  Martt Lawrence.  Her education has been thorough and challenging and in the Fall of 2014, she completed her year-long, 700+ hour training program with Dorothee and is now a certified instructor.

When she’s not working with clients or refining her own Pilates technique, she can be found with a berry smoothie in her hand, walking with her dogs, hiking with her husband, or just trying to find her own sweet spot in life. 

Jacqueline's fitness philosophy: Keep moving. Keep your workouts going through out the week and stay consistent. If you're not working out with me, what else can you do to stay fit? I like walking, hiking, yoga, biking, tennis, yoga, swimming, or a little mat work at home? You can do it too, the Bay Area is a great place to be outdoors in between your Pilates sessions!!!!!!

CPR/AED Certified