Jacqueline Latour Bio

Jacqueline began practicing Pilates over a decade ago, when she discovered it was a great complement to her marathon training and interest in fitness and nutrition. Originally from the beautiful coastal area of Encinitas, California, she has always led an active and healthy lifestyle; running marathons, traveling the world, hiking mountains and walking countless city miles.  

After moving to San Francisco, she discovered the classical method of Pilates, which was challenging and beneficial to her body, and that's how she deepened her love of Pilates. She then sought out an in-depth classical training program to become an instructor. She earned her classical Pilates certification from the Metropolitan Pilates Authentic Training program.

Jacqueline credits Pilates with strengthening her body, as well as her mind. "I have improved my posture, increased my flexibility, and my body is much stronger. Pilates leaves me clear headed with the ability to sharpen my focus on the things that lie in front of me.”  Jacqueline teaches with passion and enthusiasm and is an active supporter of those seeking healthy changes in their lives.  

When she's not working with clients or refining her own Pilates technique, she can be found walking with her dogs, hiking with her husband, or just trying to find her own sweet spot in life.


What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you. 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

FITNESS Philosophy

Keep moving and stay consistent. Most importantly stay positive, even if you have a set back. I try to do some Pilates or form of movement every day!

My Mission

To help you reach your fitness goals by developing energetic, balanced, consistent patterns and behaviors in your exercise routines.

My Method

I teach classical Pilates, which means I’ll give you the authentic exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, and progress you through a system. I want to teach you Pilates in its purest form, which I think is the most challenging. Working with me, I’ll guide you through each system (basic, intermediate and advanced), and help you master the work and progress to the next level. I was trained and certified by a classical Pilates master trainer, and I love teaching the classical method, which means I want to pass my knowledge onto you!

Continuing Education and why we need to do it

I am a passionate student of Pilates, and I will always seek to learn more and more, whenever I can. I have taken workshops and sessions from some of the best such as:

  • Dorothee VandeWalle

  • Andrea Maeda

  • Bob Liekens

  • Chris Robinson

  • Peter Fiasco

  • MeJo Wiggin

  • Lori-Coleman Brown

  • Alycea Ungaro

  • Martt Lawrence

  • Moses Urbano

  • Titziana Travati

  • Alisa Wyatt

  • Jennifer Kries

  • Chris Blackburn

  • Dana Santi

I thank each and every one of them for the inspiration and motivation that keeps me working hard, and striving to improve.  When I revisit what I’ve already learned, I always pick up something new or different that I can pass onto you. The practice of Pilates is endless and continuous learning is good for all of us.