Seasons change and so do humans

There is a little bit of a love-hate thing going on between me and Fall. I love the beauty that Fall brings with its crisp air, blue skies and glowing moons. What I don't love are the short days and cold nights. Who does? It just takes my body so long to get used to the change and by the time December rolls around I am missing Summer like crazy (I'm a Southern Californian who grew up next to the ocean), and I just feel like hibernating. I don't feel like walking the dogs as far, I start to feel tired earlier in the day and I start to eat heavier foods. As we get into winter, my mind starts to wander into the holidays and all the things that surround them, like family, friends and celebrations that distract me from my fitness goals.

This year, I'm approaching this seasonal change in a different way. My fitness goals are staying on top. Instead of letting myself fall into the traps of coming home to get cozy, I am booking my schedule with commitments to myself. I have committed in advance to numerous Pilates sessions that I normally book just days prior, I've committed to spend more time learning more and more about Pilates, I've also committed to going to a class with a friend, and I've gotten all the lights and jackets I need to walk the dogs further when it gets cold and dark out. I've given myself no chance to skip out on exercise. In addition, I'm also making sure I do some fun things with friends, and put them on my schedule, so I don't get so overloaded with just me things. If I make plans, than my goals are so much easier to accomplish. . 

So, just booking yourself silly with work out appointments doesn't necessarily mean success. In addition, you've got to change your mindset and your overall behaviors. If you find yourself going home to a warm sofa and resting after work, more often than heading to the Pilates studio or gym, then pack your workout clothes in the morning and take them with you. Don't cancel appointments for a moment of comfort. Don't let yourself have an excuse to go home first to get changed or bail out on class at the last minute. Look at your goals again and re-ignite what it was that drove you to write those goals and commit to them. Find ways to change your mind and get excited about working out. After all, how many of you feel good after a workout? Almost everyone does!! Don't miss out on that feeling of euphoria after a good workout in exchange for getting home early to rest. Rest will come. It always does. Maybe just an hour later. That's the beauty of Pilates, it's easy to prepare for a session and it only lasts an hour!  So change your mind, and change your body. You are capable of change!!