Form and Function

Two words that mean a lot in Pilates - Form and Function. Pilates teachers guide you to use correct form when working out and that allows you to use that form, in real life, away from the studio, making it a very functional tool. I was thinking about this the other day, when I realized just how I get in and out of the car, or sit down. I don't just flop down anymore, I find myself engaging my core and easing my way in and out. I'm still working my core when I get into my chair to look at the computer and using it even more to stay upright and get out a few emails. I just love how all the work I'm doing when I work out translates to my every day life, without much thought anymore. It's just part of my life now. And yours too! 

Anyhow, that leads me to some blog reading I've been doing...

Here is a post that was written by in response to a New York Magazine article called "Pilatespocalypse," about how the method is declining in popularity. I think the WellandGood post picks up on a few really good points about why Pilates is so well loved.

"Both Drushal and Ungaro cite lots of examples of fit enthusiasts turning to Pilates to correct the imbalances they’re picking up as they fling themselves from CrossFit to barre. You’ve heard the buzzy term “functional fitness,” I’m sure, and Pilates says it’s the original. “We train you to perform optimally during workouts and in life,” Ungaro says. 

I agree, It may not be the trendiest fitness method, and it definitely doesn't subscribe to the method of louder equals better. In my opinion, Pilates teaches you good form in addition to all the other health benefits it brings, and Pilates teaches you how to relate that to real life movement, as well as using it in other forms of exercise. It goes beyond the Pilates studio. It seems it is time-tested and here to stay .

Enjoy the article and let me know what you think.