Thank You...Wishing you good health and lots of happiness in 2016

I just want to thank you for a lovely year. For each and every one of my students, I put on my thinking cap every day before your session and thought long and hard about what exercises were best for you and what I could do to allow you to progress and grow. I hope you all benefitted from Pilates and saw some kind of positive change in your body. 

My thanks and praise to all the interesting people I have met and that have passed through the doors of the studios where I work; some have stayed long and worked really hard, while others found it not to be their thing, and moved on. I learned from all of you that life is good and it can be challenging, and through all the ups and downs, there is something good to be taken from each moment. I am grateful I had the opportunity to meet you, work with you and learn from you. 

I wish you a very happy, successful and healthy 2016!!! 
My best to you all,