Sit. Stand. Sleep. Move. How to reap the benefits of good posture.

This is the time to think about your posture. Don't wait until next week, or next year to start improvng it, because you can start today, after you're done reading this short post. 

Take a look at this video (it's only 4 mins 26 secs) and find a little inspiration and motivation to correct any poor posture habits you might have.  The benefits of good posture: . I recently came across many articles and videos on posture, so you know this must be a growing trend and concern, and there must also be good benefits to better posture. 

Take a mental look at how you sit, stand, sleep, work, and move. Maintaining good posture requires a little effort and changing a few things in your life, but it can also reap good benefits.  How is your desk set up? How do you sit when you are at your desk, or driving to work, or when you are watching television? How do you sleep, do you wake up feeling good, or all tight and crunchy?  Are you engaging those core muscles to help you stay upright and lift your spine? Things to think about. 

A few benefits to good posture: 

  • Improved back health and less pain. 
  • Less wear and tear on joints and ligaments. Bad posture makes muscles work harder and they become tight and inflexible, which cause wear and tear on joints and ligaments. 
  • Improved lung capacity. Slouching can hamper the efficiency of your lungs.
  • Improved confidence - you look so much better, standing straight then all hunched over, how can that not bring more self confidence?
  • You can ward off that growing hump on your upper back from too much hanging of the head while looking at your phone or just looking down. The head weighs a lot. That's a lot of stress on your neck and shoulders. 

I have noticed significant benefits to my self confidentce when I sit up straighter, stand taller, and walk with my head up. My tight neck and shoulders don't bother me anymore, because I pay attention to how I hold my head. I used to feel the need for a neck massage all the time. Now, although I'd like to have a neck massage every day for the sheer joy it brings, I just don't need one like I used to need one. Better posture sure beats looking down at the ground or at my phone all the time, and I actually see what is going on in the world!