All is not lost...jump in and do three things more often in 2018

Can you see the tiny swimmers, bobbing in the Adriatic Sea? They just jumped in!

Can you see the tiny swimmers, bobbing in the Adriatic Sea? They just jumped in!

Hello friends, 

It's been a while. Happy New Year to you! I think 2018 is going to be a great year. It's Year of the Dog according to the Chinese Calendar, and if you know me, you know I love, love, love dogs. So, no matter what Year of the Dog really means, I think good, positive, tail wagging things are on the horizon. Alright, so let's get back to you and three simple things you can incorporate in your life, or return to, if you let them slip away last year. 

Eat a healthy diet that works for YOU!

Move, and get some physical activity daily

Get quality sleep regularly

I admit, they sound so easy, but then life takes over and we go back to work after the long holiday and get stressed out again, losing site of our goals so quickly. What can you do to hang on? Don't let go completely. No matter how fast the work piles up and stress begins to overrule your peace, keep to these three things: Healthy Diet, Physical Activity and Quality Sleep. Hold on tight and keep your positive thoughts coming. If you find yourself eating unhealthy food because you're so busy and don't have time to eat properly, let it go for the moment, don't punish yourself by eating a few bad things, just go back to eating healthy the next meal. Take small steps forward, and if you go back a step or two, don't criticize yourself, all is not lost. Just for the record, I found myself very hungry today and could not get to my healthy lunch until late. To my surprise, and despite all the willpower I could muster, I caved in when I saw some tourists eating a pretzel and I stopped at a street vendor on the way home and got a huge pretzel! Guilt, guilt, and more guilt crossed my mind as I ate it, but when I got home, I still ate my healthy salad. I'm just letting go of the negative and moving back to my healthy diet. 

The same goes for exercise. I find the first two weeks of the year, the hardest for my clients, and myself, when it comes to working out. All you have to do is get back to it. All you have to do is get back to it. Yes, thats right, just get back to it. I'll keep repeating that if you let me. Don't think too hard about it, don't make it any worse by coming up with all sorts of excuses. " I spent two weeks doing nothing but eating, drinking and lounging, I caught a bad cold and now I have to recover before I work out, I was away from my usual routine and now I feel stiff and tired, I was lazy. " Yes, all great reasons to start slow or not start at all. But, once you're feeling somewhat human again, get back to it. Walk, move, do a 100, a roll up or the ab series to feel how good it is to move and stretch again. Make appointments on your calendar to move your body. Even if you only have a small window of time. Don't look at the exercise time you lost over the holiday, but rather what you can still do today. Baby steps work. Jumping right in works even better. That first session back should leave you feeling like you're alive again. There is hope. Create consistent habits and don't let yourself find an excuse. Make room in your life to move. No matter where and how. Get back to it :-) 

Last but not least, get some sleep. Make yourself go to bed earlier if you find yourself getting caught up with work at the end of the day, or watching Netflix until midnight. Let the work go. Set boundaries. Set an alarm to send yourself to sleep, and do it. Let yourself unwind and think of sleep as gold. Don't let your quality sleep time slip away. A good night of sleep will allow you to feel better and look better tomorrow. It really will. The body needs to recover and a few hours here and there are not enough. There are also lots of sleep and meditation apps, if the falling asleep part is tough. I find myself just drawn to doing things around the house before bedtime and then I look at the clock and it's late. I'm going to work on this one too!!! Promise. 

Be good to yourself in 2018. I wish you the best and I'm here to work with you on whatever I can to help you reach your goals.