Horse or Horseback as it is also known, is my nemesis. My upper back likes to round so much more than my lower back, where the big “C” curve should be, so that I often can’t pull my hips under me and my back almost looks flat. But, today, I was able to get a tiny little '“C” going. The oppositional stretch really helped me! I’ve had a small back issue lately, so this was really hard for me. But, I’m working on it, like everything else, it’s a work in progress. Some key things here: push into your handles, keep the tension, don’t forget about your inner thighs, they need to work too.

Goals of this exercise:

  • To develop a “C” Curve

  • Strengthen the powerhouse

  • Open the lower back (yes!)

  • Strengthen the inner thighs and buttocks

  • Strengthen the arms

An all around feel good, do good exercise for me!!