Happy and Healthy in 2019!!


Here we are at the end of another year, and the start of another. Whew! 2018 was a tough year, and a good year at the same time. I have met a lot of people this year through Pilates, and reconnected with others, and also said good bye to a fabulous Pilates wizard, Mr. Bob Liekens.

In 2018, I learned a lot from clients, and I hope I can take those lessons forward into 2019. I owe a lot of extra special gratitude to all my clients, friends and family for keeping me on track, challenging me and also for giving me inspiration to keep on living and teaching with a positive outlook on life.

In 2019, I’m excited to be adding a new studio to the places where I work. UP Pilates is located in Burlingame, and run by my firecracker friend, Stella Sandoval. If you are in the area, or have friends in the area who want to do Classical Pilates, please contact me about special new client rates. UP Pilates is fully equipped with Gratz equipment and will soon be offering mat classes as well. The UP Pilates team pictured above - Anna, Jackie, Stella and Miki are all classically trained and excited to help you kick off your happy and healthy year in 2019!

I’m also thrilled to be starting my fourth year at Keep It Classical Pilates, in the Financial District, SF. Thank you to the awesome clients and team at KICP for making my 2018 a memorable one! Every year gets better and better. Keep up the good work and stay strong! Peace and love in 2019 to everyone!