Ode to Max


Max and Ringo have given me great joy in life. Last week Max (pictured on the right in white), was diagnosed with a large cancerous mass on his spleen. The vet told us he could have days or weeks, but each day could be his last. It’s not a cancer we can operate on, so we chose to let Max live his life to the fullest. Every day, whenever we can, we’ve taken him to his favorite spots, Iike Bernal Heights Hill, Claremont Canyon in Berkeley, All the dog parks in our neighborhood and various coffee spots where he just likes to hang out. This is a good bye, it could be long or short, but this guy has had a great life. We rescued him from a kill shelter days before they were going to euthanize him in 2011. He’s been my friend and my companion, and the guy who is so grounded in our family. Half Irish Wolfhound, half Labrador (we think); we couldn’t have asked for a sweeter dog. Always the stoic one, and always behind us on our walks. Slow and steady.

Good bye my friend. I love you to the moon! These are the things and beings that keep us going in life. I hope you know how much my dogs mean to me, so If I’m off a day or so in the next few weeks or months, you’ll know why. I’m celebrating the life of my dog Max.