Spring Is Almost here!! Let's Keep Our Intentions Strong.


More than anything right now, I’d like a few more days of sunshine in between the days of rain. Just asking.

Anyhow…keeping up with your Pilates routine/home work will keep you inspired for the coming days when the sun comes out. Your Pilates practice is not just a once a week and done type of workout, you need to do it often, like brushing your teeth. I try to do a little Pilates just about every day. This will help you progress to the fun and challenging advanced exercises.

Here are some ideas below to help you put a little more Pilates in to your life everyday:

  • Standing chest expansion

  • Standing Arm weight series

  • Side to side towel stretches

  • Wall ending/Wall Squats

  • Foundational mat exercises - see my homework tab for the list of exercises.

  • Stand with a broomstick behind your back cradled in your elbows and gently twist the rib cage, keeping the hips forward and legs steady

  • Magic circle arms and legs

  • Pilates push ups

  • Intermediate mat routine - see my homework tab for the list of exercises. Try to do these with a good pace and no interruptions.

I could go on for hours on small things you can do to keep your Powerhouse up and running :-) Ultimately, I’d like you to be able to do an advanced mat routine at home in between your sessions. But first make sure you have the basics down and are doing your homework. Let’s get going! Don’t stop now, keep it going so we can progress more each time you come to the studio.