Why is today’s blog named Happy? Because that is how I feel today and I want to share that with you. This picture of Spring in full bloom with the sun so intense, makes me happy. What makes you happy?

I taught a very youthful and spirited 92-year-old today, and I couldn’t help noticing what made her so beautiful and such a delight to work with. It was her happiness! She was just genuinely happy, open and flexible in her nature. If I asked her to lift her chest, she did, and she told me how it made her feel straighter. If I asked her to do something that was too hard, she told me it was hard, but she also said it while she tried to do it, and she actually did it pretty well. She didn’t give up. Maybe it was all the movement that made her so bright and cheerful.

After our session, I felt happier, like I had just had a session! I couldn’t help myself, I had to ask her what kept her so happy. She told me it was her family and being surrounded by lots of family. Of course! That’s how I feel too when I’m around family and friends. I left my session with her feeling happy, in a very unique way, grateful for the people in my life, and thinking about my own little family.

In short, the lesson I learned today - happy people exude a certain energy that seems to be contagious and I should give that to someone else. I walked around smiling at other people today and I felt a similar “bounce” of energy back from every person I smiled at today.

Okay, I’ll be honest, not everyday is this good, but for me there are many where I am happy. I don’t have a real strong reason not to be, and I want to pass my positive energy onto to someone else. That is probably why I enjoy teaching Pilates so much. It makes me feel good, and I really hope it makes YOU feel good too.

I realize that we can’t all be happy everyday, but I like the notion of passing a little bit of sunshine on to the next person when you have it, whether it’s intentional or not! My 92-year-old friend did not realize what memories I will have of her as she sat in her chair and smiled after our session.

Pilates can bring us some joy. It’s not all hard work for nothing. I hope that if you have a good session, or a good day, that you bring your smile to the surface and share it. That’s what this world needs more of today.